I’ve been neglecting my blog for the past few months, in fact I’ve neglect many things.

This is mainly due to a very mischievous little three year old!

I keep trying to convince myself she’s still in that terrible two stage but I’m beginning to beleave she’s just abit of an ass hole!

I know, sounds awful coming from her mother, but gosh does this child test my patience! She can be so cute and loving 20% of the time, the 80% is spent by finding ways to try to get me sectioned.

This includes not sleeping, and when I give in and put her in my bed she will then have to touch my face, kick me and insists I need to sing to her at three in the morning.

Refusing to eat which is always a worry, and has a lovely habit where she spits her no longer wanted food into my hand or onto my plate.

Screaming and I mean the house down, the shop maybe even school, why? I have no idea!!!! It’s literally became her favourite way of communicating with me.

Her new thing is to climb, meaning I now have to sit at the end of her bed till she falls asleep as of worry with her near the stairs. This can take five minutes or maybe two hours depends on how much she has pushed my patients that day, usually if it’s been bad, she will see how further she can push it.

Reading this back, it doesn’t sound to bad, but trust me, I’m at that stage where I’m wondering if I searched her head I may find a couple of sixes!

In all fairness she’s not the only reason why things have been neglected around here, I also now take care of my one year old niece for a few hours in thee afternoon, so it seems to be a fight between the four girls for my attention.

And of corse normal life crap!

I’m currently sitting on at least four loads of washing, my lounge looks like a grenade has gone off in there, I’ve been in the same pj’s for three days now because, why not! It’s only my partner and kids who have to smell me!

Also I have two older daughters who are at the age to question everything, even my existence, I can’t even go to the toilet without giving them an explanation.

And god don’t get me started on the way I look! I’ve honestly given up on hair and make up.

My sister jokes with me asking how I cope having three kids and one man-child when she just about copes with one daughter and her partner, and honestly, I don’t!

I just don’t have a choice but to get on with it. I take care of what needs to be done like the kids, my partner, bills and house and after that there is just nothing left for me.

I’m exhausted and my selfish pleasure is getting a few hours to myself in the evening (bath, wine and catch up on a programme or two) before my devil child awakens and it all starts again.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but I’ve promised myself this year I’m going to give myself some attention and take better care, mentally and physically.

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