Mum life

So picture this,

You’re in a nice hot bath, lights off and candles are on, you have a well needed and deserved cold glass of wine sitting by you and the room is quite.

Until your 6-year-old child starts to bang on the door begging you to come in because she needs the toilet, you explain there is a fully functional toilet down the stairs but she insists that she hates that toilet and wishes to use the one that you are currently occupying.

You give in and let them in, fooling yourself that this should be quick, but oh know you was very wrong, your child decides she needs to take a crap!! Sticking your head close enough to smell the candle aromas to mask the stench that came from your child.

But of corse her 7 year old sister had to make her self present and appeared into the bathroom, forgetting that she, hadn’t brushed her teeth. At this point your wine goes down a lot quicker then you intended.

All you ask for is this one thing you wanted for yourself and have been looking forward to all day. most people have hopes and dreams to have adventures and travel, but not you all you wanted was 20mins of peace and tranquility.

When you thought this can no longer get any worse your partner joined the little bathroom congregation, trying to find the lighter that you had borrowed to light the new candles which was specialy brought for this occasion. And with horror he sits at the end of the bath tub where he and the kids discussed whether a taller person poos are larger!!

Eventually he leaves and the 7-year-old follows. As you get comfortable thinking there is just one more left to get rid of, she tells you there is no toilet tissue left!

You shout, know one listens and your forced to climb out of tha bath to get some, but it’s not the end your now 6 year also forgot to brush her teeth! And suddenly you think fuck it!!! You give up, and get out, frustratingly walk down the stairs grab the bottle of wine and go to bed!

One day my wish will come true!!!

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