My truthful 6 year old

My second daughter has got to be one of the most funniest kids I’ve ever met. She has the ability to have me laughing in stitches and a second later have me raging with anger!

You see, this child is the sass queen! Or how she would prefer, the queen of flies (don’t ask, I have no idea why flies)

The crap that comes from this kid no longer surprises me, going from her potty mouth, yes she did have a swearing stage. Telling people how it’s “fucking raining” or the time she turned around and called her dad a “dick head” “I know, awful parenting”

Or last week when I asked her to fetch me socks, and she turned around and asked ” why can’t you go and get it, since you sit on your bum all day” and yes I did have to refrain my from my hand meeting her butt, since I do quite like my kids and don’t fancy a knock from social services.

The commentary I have to listen to about her bowl movements while she’s on the toilet, or throwing a tantrum because I refuse to shave her head so she could look like her dad. Oh and how concerned she acts when it’s me who’s cooked her dinner and not her dad.

And there are times when I just know that I’m going to wish the floor could just swallow me! When in the distance I can see my neighbour walking in our direction, and I try to keep her distracted, because I know he’s just had his leg amputated. But nothing gets past my kid, oh no! Let’s just say I was left red-faced after the in counter.

But it is funny when it’s not me on the receding end of her truthful abuse!

More so when it’s aimed towards my sister who my daughter really hopes her chest is not as flat as her dad’s or her aunties when she gets older! Or tells her auntie how she’s “acting like a right sod today”

But seriously she is a pretty awesome kid, very caring and just wants to take care of everyone.

Having kids has been my greatest achievement in life! There is nothing in this world that could make me more prouder to be their mum.

Although I have moments of pulling my hair out and screaming into a pillow. I really do love spending all my time with them.

They are my little best friends, and the reason for my smile every morning.




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