Deciding What To Blog About

After years of being told by family to start blogging, I finally have done it! But the the question was , what do I write about? Do I share the amount of times my oldest two daughters have asked me for food that day, or stared at me while I ate, telling me how much they also like that. Or how my almost 3 year old still refuses to sleep through the night and starting her day at 3am. Maybe the things my sassy 6 year old comes out with in public, like the time she told the school mums how it was ‘fucking raining.’

Having three daughters in my life brings me so much joy, love and entertainment but it also makes me want to pull my hair out and drink.

I spent eight years changing crappie nappies, cleaning dirty faces and acting as referee and not forgetting spending most my days watching baby TV or bloody youtube videos of kids playing with toys!

I have said a firm NO to my partner in regards to popping more kids in to the world! But when the day comes and my last demon child heads off to school, what would I do with myself?

I have already been to collage and studied Travel and Tourism, which I will hold my hands up and say I would make a terrible travel adviser, I did think Dubai was in Spain! So I think I will put a line through that option. My partner suggested that I do a few cleaning jobs, and to be honest I don’t really want to do my own house work let alone a strangers, another line through that one.

And of corse I have also made the excuses like having the school holidays off and only jobs between 9.30 and 3.00, like I’m sure many others try to find.

It began to make me feel anxious and was on my mind most days, until I sat down to help my oldest daughter with her homework, she needed to write her own story. We played with words and in the end we had created a poem. Both of us enjoyed doing it, more so my daughter as I had got carried away like usual and done all her homework, AGAIN!!

So I started to write poems, while I sat in the girls playroom(where they never play) I could spend hours writing and rhyming, and I finally felt I was good at something! For months I just wrote it for myself and the kids, I never planned to take it any further, specially since I suffer with dyslexia! My spelling is awful (if you had not already guessed ) I would be lucky if I could get through a paragraph without stuttering and I have the memory of a fish!

Having dyslexia I felt it would always hold me back! School was a struggle mainly when it came to test’s and exams, causing my overall results to look shite. Collage gave me a little more confidence, most of it was corse work, I would spend weeks writing it all up, until five minutes before handing it in someone would have forgotten to do there’s, so they would quickly write the first thing that came to their head and then, end up with a better result then me!! It was B’S, why should I bother!!

But 7 years down the line my then 5 year olds teacher called me into the classroom and told me my daughter was struggling and was quite behind , then the following year the teachers thought she may have dyslexia. I had a little cry or two, it had brought back memories of frustration and disappointed while trying to understand and keep up with the rest of the class, being called lazy and told by maths teacher I would never make anything of myself! I didn’t want my daughter to feel like that.

I had meeting with her amazing techer every term to find out her progress and to take extra homework to help her. I feel lucky knowing that my daughter still enjoys school an tries her best with a smile, as parents we are incredible proud of her achievements. Her teacher had given her endless support and encouragement that has helped her confidence, and to gradually catch up with the rest of the students.

Whilst I find myself, I try to show my daughters that know matter how much you struggle, when you find something you are passionate about whether it be when your 16, 25 or 50 you’ll work harder and fight for it more then others.

After months of sitting on my poems I eventually self published them, it gave me the confidence to finally write a book, something I have wanted to do for a long time, but I didn’t think I would be any good, but the day came when I just thought FUCK IT!!! It’s something I love and enjoy!!!

I have placed a few links for parents of children and also adults with dyslexia, that may help.
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I’m a mum, girlfriend, writer, dyslexic and I love my life!!! I feel blessed that my family and I have food on the table, good health, and a roof over our heads, it may not be much to some , but I feel like the richest person in the world.
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6 thoughts on “Deciding What To Blog About”

  1. I hope you enjoy your new blog, and the experience of becoming part of a blogging community. You are off to a good start here.
    And thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well done for taking the plunge! The hardest part is starting, but writing about your life will provide plenty of material, which depends on how much you want to reveal! It would be interesting to read how you struggled with dyslexia, but triumphed in life, for example. Thank you for following me

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, for someone who did not know what to blog about, you are certainly off to a good start! Just write from the heart. And don’t let that other half talk you into popping our more demon children! Now it’s your time to shine 🙂 thanks for the follow

    Liked by 1 person

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